Welcome to the Captain Dry Pant's Mission Base Command Centre!


Hi, I'm Captain Dry Pants!

As my name suggests, I am the ‘Captain’ of dry pants and my secret mission on this earth is to help as many children to stop wetting their beds and become dry at night, and learn healthy new habits along the way!

First of all, well done on deciding to start your mission to become dry at night! You and your parents have gone through a lot to get to this point, and I am so happy that we may all be working together throughout this journey and reach our ultimate goal - to defeat the Wet Soggy Underpants!


So how do we beat the Wet Soggy Underpants?

To beat the very annoying Wet Soggy Underpants, we need to help your brain (the command centre of your body) and your bladder (the tank inside your body that holds your wee) to yell at each other more loudly while you're asleep.

Although they hear and talk to each other quite well during the day, they may need a little extra help during the night when you're sleeping. This results in the Wet Soggy Underpants appearing and we want it gone!

To help us do this, you will have your very own special spy tool (the alarm) when you go to bed at night. This spy tool alerts us when the Wet Underpants is near. When the 'Wet Underpants' is detected, the spy tool is alerted and will begin to buzz, vibrate and flash its light (depending on what alarm you have) so to wake you up! As soon as you wake up you can then stop the 'Wet Soggy Underpants' in its tracks!

This is going to be so much fun! Not only will we be working towards our goal of not wetting the bed at night, we will also be practicing new things and collecting star stickers each day! As well as earning the 'Splat Attack' stickers after completing each mission and earning important milestone badge stickers called 'Honour Badges'. 

Then at the completion of your Final Voyage which is reaching 14 dry nights in a row*you get to receive a Captain Dry Pants Certificate and become an official member of the Captain Dry Pants 'All Stars' Team!

How tremendously cool is that?


I'll see you on the other side.....


*14 dry nights in a row or as recommended by your health professional

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