Getting Started

BAM! You're in! 


You've 'unlocked' the Captain Dry Pants Program and are now officially ready to begin your journey towards dry nights! Did you enjoy finding your secret code and all those stickers within the 'Sticker Pack' you received? We are going to have so much fun!

Before we begin our journey, here are a few important things you and a grown-up will need to do:


Check that you have received:

  • Captain Dry Pants Sticker Pack.
  • Captain Dry Pants Achievement Chart.


If purchased with The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package, you would have also received:

  • Wearable enuresis alarm (entered in the ARTG, 236063).
  • Spare set of CR2025 lithium batteries (inside the alarm box).
  • Letter from Ashton for your child.
  • A set of 3 alarm-face stickers to stick on your alarm.


You will access the downloadable support materials from here which includes:


Please print a copy of the 'My Goals' Sheet as your child will be referring to this and placing the star stickers on their chart every day. It's a great idea to display the Achievement Chart on your fridge.

I encourage you to read and go through the contents of the program with your child first prior to using their bedwetting alarm.


1) Guide for Parents

Guide for Parents (Printable PDF)


2) My Goals (for your child)


My Goals (Printable PDF)

3) FAQ's & Troubleshooting Guide (The Parenting Garden enuresis alarm only)


FAQ's & Troubleshooting Guide (Printable PDF)



How to Start:

  • You will use the same secret code you received in your Sticker Pack to access your first 2 missions and they are already unlocked. Once you have completed both of these missions (ideally on the same night), a parent will need to CHECK IN by completing the form. They will then receive your next secret code to unlock Mission 3!
  • Missions are quite easy at the beginning, and you may complete early missions quite quickly, some even three missions in one night! However, missions get a little harder as we go through the journey and sometimes you might feel like you're not getting any closer to the next mission. You may even feel like you're moving backwards! These are important steps you must conquer in order to accomplish your mission.
  • Don't forget to stick the star stickers on your Achievement Chart each morning too!
  • To begin, simply click on the red button called 'Mission 1 - Prepare for Liftoff!'


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