Final Voyage!

The very fact that you are here looking at this page means that you are nearly there! How awesome is that?

I am so excited for you because not only have we completed all 7 Missions together, but we have learnt so much as well! Going back to our first mission, do you remember when you had to 'practice' what to do about 4 times? Then on our second mission you got to wear your special spy tool for the first night? It seemed so strange back then didn't it and you probably had a lot of thoughts going through your mind because you didn't know what was going to happen? I bet you feel differently about it now and it's so easy wearing your alarm to bed each night! That's because you practiced and practiced and consistently wore your alarm every night until it was easy and became a habit.

Then our third mission all we did was drink! We had to make sure we drank a lot during the day so that our bladder got used to the feeling of being full, which helped our brains and bladder to communicate with each other better at night. Are you still keeping up with drinking lots of water?

Then who can forget our fourth mission when you walked yourself to the toilet during the night! it was probably a bit scary and annoying getting out of bed in the middle of the night and going to the toilet. I am so happy with you because look how many more times we've had to do the 'Night Walk' during our journey together? And you're so good at it now!

Playing the Memory Game during mission 5 was one of my favourites! Was it for you? I found it a bit tricky to do at the beginning, but then it got easier didn't it? We had to concentrate and learn to focus when we woke up during the night. All the time we were doing this it was also helping your bladder and brain communicate stronger with each other and has really helped us get to where we are in this journey today.

During our sixth mission we had to wake up to the sound of the buzzer for 3 nights in a row didn't we? I remember how proud you felt when you achieved this important mission! It was so exciting.

Then on our seventh and final mission I was so proud of you because you helped a grown up change and make your bed! It wasn't that hard was it? Your parent was so proud of you too and it showed them the level of responsibility you have in learning to become dry at night.


Speaking of responsibility, how are you going with earning your Honour Badges? I am sure by now that you have well and truly earned the 'Badge of Responsibility' and even the 'Badge of Resilience'. What about the 'Badge of Self Confidence'?

I am sure by now you are feeling so much more confident about yourself and truly believe that you CAN beat the 'Wet Soggy Underpants' for good! Look at you now, you are almost there!


What to do when you reach 14 Dry Nights in a row!


How is your Achievement Chart looking? Is there a lot of coloured stars on there? As soon as you put the 14th in a row 'I Beat The Buzzer' star sticker on your Chart, you have officially completed your final voyage and conquered the 'Wet Soggy Underpants'! 

Make sure you get a parent to report to Mission Base Command Centre by completing the form below. This is so Ashton, the Mission Base Commander, is informed of this successful mission and can issue you with your ultimate 14 Dry Nights Reward Certificate! 

On completion of the 14 Dry Nights you would also become a part of my Captain Dry Pants 'All Stars Team' in recognition of your effort and achievement in your dry nights journey.


Where to from here?

You've completed your missions towards dry nights and have achieved your 14 dry nights in a row, so what should you do now?

After 14 dry nights, It is a really good idea to do a simple practice called 'over learning'. This is when you are allowed to drink three-quarters of a cup (approximately 200ml) of water in the hour before you go to bed. You will still need to wear your alarm for this exercise. This obviously fills up your bladder and challenges your ability to wake up before wetting the bed. This is why it's called over learning.




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