Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Captain Dry Pants Program and The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package?

The Captain Dry Pants Program is designed to be used with the Bedwetting Alarm Success Package for an imaginative, fun and educational experience for your child. The Success Package is the 'foundation' as includes everything your child needs to get off to a good start. It includes a reliable good quality wearable alarm, spare batteries, daily achievement chart, stickers, a letter to your child from Ashton and all support materials.

The Captain Dry Pants Program builds on this and takes your child on a journey with Captain Dry Pants. During their journey they'll need to complete 7 missions along the way which are designed to teach them good habits and acknowledges their efforts and improvements, as well as their achievements during their journey towards dry nights. They'll also receive 3 Honour Badges which celebrates important life skills they've developed, which will help them for the rest of their lives.


Can I use the Captain Dry Pants Program on its own?

You can purchase the Captain Dry Pants Program on its own and use with any other bedwetting alarm device, e.g. wearable, wireless and bell & pad alarms. However, the Captain Dry Pants Program is most effective if used with The Parenting Garden Bedwetting Alarm Success Package as includes a reliable and good quality alarm and all supporting material including a letter to your child from my son Ashton.


How would the Captain Dry Pants Program benefit my child?

Achieving 14 dry nights in a row is an awesome achievement in itself as your child would have willingly taken on the challenge and developed responsibility for becoming dry at night. But sometimes children need a little extra incentive to undergo certain tasks required in order to achieve their 14 dry nights in a row, e.g. walking themselves to the toilet during the night! The Captain Dry Pants Program recognises their progress and the steps they are taking, and rewards them for their efforts and improvements as well.

If your child is between the ages of 4 and 9 years and you feel your child may benefit from a more 'interactive' and 'imaginative' journey to maintain their motivation, then the Captain Dry Pants Program is definitely recommended. It is also an educational program (without them knowing really!), as the missions they need to complete are all about developing and setting good habits, e.g. drinking enough water during the day.  


Why 14 dry nights in a row?

14 dry nights is when they achieve 14 consecutive dry nights in a row. This is the recommended number of nights as recommended by most Health Professionals around the world. Some health professionals may recommend a different number, e.g. 16 consecutive dry nights. If your health professional has recommended a different number of dry nights, then please follow their recommendations for your child's treatment.


My child has completed 14 consecutive dry nights. Do they stop using the alarm now?

After 14 dry nights, It is a really good idea to do a simple practice called 'over learning'. This is when your child is allowed to drink three-quarters of a cup (approximately 200ml) of water in the hour before they go to bed. They will still need to wear the alarm for this exercise. This obviously fills up the bladder and challenges their ability to wake up before wetting the bed. This is why it's called over learning.


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